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Lyle Sowden Consulting Inc. is dedicated to providing financial consulting services to users of Visual Enterprise software™ (Infor Software).


Supporting world class manufacturing  companies
throughout North America.




Smart, efficient, and friendly.  Without question, Lyle Sowden is the most helpful and knowledgeable of any Visual financial consultant that we have dealt with.  His in-depth familiarity with the inner workings of Visual, coupled with an extraordinary array of proprietary database research tools, allows Lyle to resolve problems quickly and resourcefully.   Combined with his knowledge of Visual, his professional accounting designation gives him instant credibility with our corporate auditors, with whom he has corresponded directly to explain how Visual processes costing information.  When we are unable to solve a problem or answer a question, we’re very comfortable saying ‘Let’s call Lyle.’  I would unhesitatingly recommend Lyle Sowden with any aspect of Visual financials.”

Vince Nash, Controller, Strite Industries