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Over 25 years of experience as a Controller and accountant with both large and small organizations.  

For the past 5 years, I have been a financial consultant supporting and implementing Visual Manufacturing software.  In this capacity, I have worked with over 200 companies using Visual Enterprise software.   

Prior to working as a Visual financial consultant, I was the Controller of a manufacturing company in the Niagara region of Ontario.  I was the internal project manager responsible for sourcing and implementing the Visual Manufacturing ERP software.  

The one constant theme in my consulting career has been to satisfy the needs of my clients and to assist them in being successful.  Upon request, I would be pleased to provide the names of clients and/or colleagues who would act as references.


30 years of financial management and consulting experience.  Assisted over 100 companies on implementation and ongoing operation of Visual Manufacturing and Financials.  Lyle has a passion to understand and satisfy his customers' needs and to help them become more successful in using the Visual Enterprise software.  Lyle's low-key coaching and mentoring style can often help to defuse the normal anxieties that accompany an ERP implementation.

Previous Employers:

  • Shop 9000

  • M.C. Healthcare Inc.

  • Marmon/Keystone Canada Inc.

  • American Hospital Supply Canada Inc.


  • As the controller of a manufacturing company, acted as the Project Leader to implement Visual Manufacturing software.  Developed financial, technical and manufacturing expertise in Visual Manufacturing.

  • Significant report writing experience using Crystal Report Writer, Microsoft Access, Centra Report Builder, Excel, SQL scripts and the Visual GL Report Writer.

  • Expertise in diagnosing and repairing data inconsistencies in Visual that can affect the accuracy of financial reporting.

  • Expertise in the use of the Costing Utilities and Costing Tools within Visual Financials.

  • Development of sophisticated, customized audit tools using Microsoft Access.

  • Smoothing of month-end processes to ensure timely and accurate financial reporting.

  • Staff training in all aspects of Visual financials.

  • High level problem solving and trouble-shooting skills.