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"Lyle Sowden is a person of integrity and dependability.  Since 2003, Gorrie Marketing has relied on Lyle's exceptional Visual Manufacturing and Financial skills.  His support during a very difficult transition period at Gorrie was greatly appreciated."

Roy Ott, Visual Marketing Coordinator, Gorrie Marketing Solutions

"Lyle is a very experienced Visual Financials consultant with excellent problem solving skills.  He was instrumental during our implementation and has provided exceptional on-going support.  Lyle is the only financial consultant that we trust to work on our database."

Michelle Debus, Director, Business Systems, Sandvine Incorporated

I have worked with Lyle Sowden since 2002 and have found him to be a very knowledgeable Visual Manufacturing consultant.  Not only does he understand the flow of the financial system, he also knows how and where the financial records are created in the manufacturing side of the software.  he provides excellent service and possesses a genuine concern for his customers' problems.  An example of the excellent service he provides happened last week when I called in the morning to say that my systems was down because of problems with one of the inventory tables.  He rearranged his schedule and worked with me the entire afternoon to get it back up.  His knowledge also included the ability to work with the database tables in Access and he personally wrote all of my financial reports.  He is extremely professional and is a real pleasure to work with.  Lyle is the only person that I want to speak to when I have a financial question in Visual, and he is a very valuable member of my team of consultants.

John Cave , North American Information Systems Manager, Moeller Electric

“Lyle has been working with the Roll Form Group since our "Go Live" date of June 2004.  His expertise with Visual Financials has provided us with the support required in order to ensure minimal disruptions in our system conversion.  Lyle has also developed specific auditing tools that are now used as part of our process.  His professionalism and work ethic allow the tasks that are asked of him to be done in the most efficient and effective manner.”   

Mike Bettonvil, Controller, Roll Form Group, Division of Samuel ManuTech

“It’s a relief to have a knowledgeable and thorough resource to help us when we are at our wits end with Visual.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone.  Your accounting background is a definite plus when dealing with people who work on the Financials side of Visual.”

Kim Broom, Cost Analyst, Watson Inc.

 “Lyle Sowden performed miracles to help us overcome the poor preparation we had received from our initial consultants and allowed us to retain our implementation date.  Lyle continues to support us through our challenges with keeping the system operating at an optimum level….”  

Lynda King, Controller, Northern Steel Industries.

 “With my many years of working with Lyle I have found him to be professional, knowledgeable, respectful and a great human being.  I always choose Lyle over anyone else because he will make suggestions based on your business and the number one reason is that his background of financial and manufacturing experience is a huge benefit.  Lyle goes over and above to solve problems and to make the job easier.”

Carole Tuss, Controller, Gorrie Marketing Solutions

 “One thing I can definitely say is with your superb knowledge of Visual Financial, and the excellent reports and audit tools you created for us, month-end and physical count reconciliation is no longer a big and painful struggle.  Thank you, Lyle, you have saved my sanity.”  

Molly Wong, Accounting Manager, Roll Form Group, Division of Samuel ManuTech